Problem ID Title Solution by Most Popular Input by
NABILHACKER Hack the Password
NABILISU Billing Issue
NAJPWG Playing with GCD
NAKANJ Minimum Knight moves !!!
NASPRIM Tama Starks Prime Apprenticeship
NAUGHTY Naughty and Balls
NBIN New Binary
NDIV N-divisors
NDT New Data Type
NEG2 The Moronic Cowmpouter
NEXTLEX Next Lexicographically Greater Substring
NFACTOR N-factorful
NFURY Training Land of Fury
NGIRL Namit in Trouble
NGM A Game with Numbers
NGM2 Another Game with Numbers
NICESEQ Nice Sequences
NINJA2 Pathetic Strings
NINJA3 Stunning GCD
NINJA4 Help Sheldon
NINJA5 K Numbers
NINJA6 Travelling Dilemma
NINJA7 Two Sequences Problem
NINJA8 George vs Kramer
NKDIV N..K..Divide
NNUM One of the Simpsons Symbols
NOTATRI Not a Triangle
NPC2015A Eefun Guessing Words
NPC2015D Eefun Is Not so Fun
NPRIME Nth Prime
NSQUARE NSquare Sum (Easy)
NSQUARE2 NSquare Sum (Medium)
NSTEPS Number Steps
NSUBSTR Substrings
NTG NT Games
NUMBERTH Beautiful Roll Numbers
NUMDIV Number of Divisors
NUMPATH Gutibazi
NUMPLAY Fun With Numbers
NY10E Non-decreasing Digits