Problem ID Title Solution by Most Popular Input by
NINJA1 Related or Not
PAGAIN Prime Again
PAIRS1 Count the Pairs
PALIN The Next Palindrome
PALMKR Palindrome Maker
PALPRIM Palindromic Primes (Hard)
PDECODE Decode the Strings
PERFSQNUM Yet Another Perfect Square Equation
PERMUT1 Permutations
PERMUT2 Ambiguous Permutations
PFACTORS Pisano Factors
PHIPOWER Power of Phi
PHONY Phony Primes
PHT Pigeonhole Tower
PIB Pibonacci
PIR Pyramids
PIRACON Pyramidal Constructions
PKPLOL Lord of Light
PL Palindrome Lover
PLNDROME Palindrome Or Not
PLNDTREE Palindrome in a Tree
PLOVER Prime Lover Finding
POLCONST Constructible Regular Polygons
PON Prime or Not
POSTERIN Postering
POUR1 Pouring Water
POWERCAR Car with Powers
POWERPHI Power of Phi (Medium)
POWERUP Power the Power Up
POWTREE Superpowertree
PPATH Prime Path
PPR Pizza Prize
PR003004 Digit Sum
PRADIPSUM Easy Math (2)
PRIME Factorial Factorisation
PRIME1 Prime Generator
PRIMES2 Printing Some Primes (Hard)
PRINT Prime Intervals
PRJAN15B Birthday Gift for SJ
PRJAN15F Stack Overflow
PRMFN Prime Friendly Numbers
PROBTNPO The 3n Plus 1 Problem
PROD1GCD Product It Again
PROFF Professor Farouk Question
PT07X Vertex Cover
PT07Y Is It a Tree
PT07Z Longest Path in a Tree
PTR2 Primes Triangle (II)
PTR22 Primes Triangle (II2)
PTRI Primes Triangle (I)
PTRI2 Primes Triangle (I2)
PUCMM333 Dividing Xorland
PWSUMF Fibonacci Power Sum
RPLB Blueberries